Best 2013 Windows 7 themes for your desktop

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2012 is so long ago. Kind of. That’s way we don’t want to use themes that were popular in 2012, they are boring already. We need something new, like best 2013 Windows 7 themes. Only the best chosen for you! Whether you like dark or light themes, minimalistic or those taking bunch of space,  default-like or those really strange all of them are here.

Using default theme on Windows 7 is just meh. There are so many teams out there that provide greater look along with better functionality. And installing them ain’t that hard.

To use a custom theme on Windows 7 you will need to install  Universal Theme Patcher.

Run in it Administrative mode (right-click > “Run as administrator”).

UAC must be turned off. After patch, restart the computer to take effect. Now you can use the themes posted here

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1. Toybox – a colorful, multi-styled theme that might work well for kids

Toybox Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


2. Lucido – a theme that reminds me on Lucid dreaming. Probably has something related with that cause of the colors.

Lucido Win7 theme

Read full documentation


3. +1 – a very short and strange name for an amazing looking theme. The taskbar and buttons are just gorgeous.

+1 Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


4. Racy – a minimalistic dark theme packed with blue buttons

Racy Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


5. Base – light, minimalistic Windows7 theme with really great looking buttons. Comes with two styles.

Base Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


6. Puro – simplistic Windows 7 theme with bright colors and square buttons

Puro Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


7. Snowneue – theme inspired by snow that suits well for these cold days on the northern hemisphere

Snowneue Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


8. Adobulated – dark, default-like Windows 7 theme for those that don’t like making huge changes

Adobulated Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


9. Radiance – Colorful, minimalistic theme with lots of different styles

Radiance Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


10. Noche – a brownish, minimalistic Windows 7 theme

Noche Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


11. Sereno – relaxing Windows 7 theme with dream-like colors

Sereno Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


12. Luto – a simplistic, dark theme with really, really small buttons

Luto Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


13. Leve – simplistic grey and white theme featuring LED-like buttons

Leve Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


14. Memento – a retro styled Windows 7 theme containing brown and white styles

Memento Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


15. Elemental – colorful, minimalistic theme based on Windows Aero

Elemental Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


16. Uniko – Default like theme with a different color – grey

Uniko Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


17. Amana – Whether you like light or dark themes, this one will suit you

Amana2 Windows7 theme

Read full documentation.


18. Amana2 – minimalistic Windows 7 theme with ridiculously small buttons

Amana Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


19. CLRS – A new Mercedes? No. Clean white theme that works well with Rainmeter widgets

CLRS Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


20. Min’em all – a dark, default-like theme including few different styles

min'em all Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


21. bAero – A basic Aero theme that is aesthetically pleasing, minimal & usable

bAero Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


22. iBaked – Clean and minimalistic theme featuring five styles and three font choices.

iBaked Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


23. Kombo – great looking minimalistic theme with dark and light preset

Kombo Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


24. Windows Metro – Easiest way to get a Windows8 look on your Windows7

Windows Metro Windows7 theme

Read full documentation


Are these the Best Windows 7 themes for 2013? If yes, which one you liked and installed? If not, what do you think what are the Best 2013 Windows 7 themes?


I would be very pleased to hear from you in the comments, giving thoughts and suggesting even better themes.

25 responses to Best 2013 Windows 7 themes for your desktop

  1. HI

    Amazing themes. Toybox appears to be vibrant. I will check that out.

    I hope it will not slow down my system and doesn’t interfere with any of my installed softwares as well.



    • I like them too, especially lucido. Have youu tried it, seems nicer than Toybox to me?

      Regards :)

  2. I just installed theme Kombo and it is ****ing great.Thank you so much!

  3. muhamed_032 07/01/2013 at 22:15

    Toybox theme looks so good. Unfortunately I’m running Windows XP so I can’t give it a try.

  4. I just installed theme Adobulated and it fits perfect.



  5. Got here from Facebook. I didn’t like any of these themes, but saw more themes from 2012 and now using Wave. Thank you!

  6. I just installed Lucido and it looks great. Really thankful.

  7. really great themes.I tried “elemental” and it is really great.everything works perfectly.thank you.

  8. Awesome looking themes 😀

  9. Great list of themes, thank you!

  10. Oh, forgot to mention, I installed Lucido. Thank you again!

  11. All of the themes are amazing! Which one should I use?

  12. after i use the theme, how do i change it back to stock, do i go into the personalization setting page and change it there?

    • Well since I’m using Windows XP, I can’t surely tell you. On XP it is like that, just go to “personalization” and revert back to default. I believe it’s same for Windows 7. Did you try it? If yes, did it work for you?


  13. Oh good man
    I downloaded this and it looks great
    Thanks man


  14. Racy theme is great man 😀
    Thy for this tutorial keep it going ^^

  15. I can’t view any of the links because you are forcing me to disable AdBlock.

    • Actually it’s not cause of inttips.

      After you click on any of these themes you are being redirected to another site that asks you to disable your adblock.

      If you haven’t noticed (and probably you didn’t cause of your adblock) both of these sites have 0 ads. And that’s very rare today. Unfortunately somehow you have to monetize your websites, else you are just wasting money (for hosting, domain and other stuff) and time (seo, articles, social networks) etc.

      Don’t get me wrong, but the thing asking you to disable Ad Block is needed.

      Would you rather prefer a donation box?

      • I turned it off to investigate and you’re right, it redirects to another site. I assumed it was originally an internal link to The links are forwarding to and with AdBlock disabled, there was a HUGE advertisement pop-up. See here:

        Disabling ad-block won’t even let me visit I take my blame away from (unless they are partnering with I understand the use of ads, and would accept them if they were off to the side of the page or something, but I will always refuse to visit a site that forces large ads or the disabling of AdBlock.

        By the way, I found all of these themes on DeviantArt which doesn’t bother my AdBlock at all.

        • I’m fully aware of the ads there, both of the site are mine.

          All of the themes here were available on single click (it instantly starts the download as soon as you click it) until 5 days ago. Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree with you I hate all ads, ESPECIALLY those forcing me to disable Ad Block (I found only few of them).

          But as I previously explained you, running blog for 16 months without any income is bad. Especially if you consider the $150 I gave on hosting and $30 for domain. I won’t mention the time, cause I started this blog as hobby and it still is sort of hobby. But I don’t want to lose money on my hobby. So instead of putting ads here (they look awful), I made a new website where I redirect my visitors and put ads there.

          Only 2 hours ago I inserted that code for massive ad, and will probably remove it in a day or two, depending on the feedback and income.

          Also now you can visit bestwindowsthemes without that annoying ad, I disabled them for you.

          If you have a tip for me, shoot it! I’d really like to hear from you.

          Best regards :)

  16. 三无屌丝 13/01/2013 at 04:24

    Great themes!

  17. Lucido is amazing, thanks! Just downloaded it and my desktop looks so much better.

  18. How to install this theme ?
    iam newbie i want this theme for my desktop ..

    • Hey there!

      At the top of the article I have linked a file you need to download and install in order to use these themes. If it sounds a bit hard for you, you can download software which does it automatically, like Tune Up utilities. If you have any other concern just leave a comment, I’ll do my best to help you!

  19. thank u for this freat themes

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