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If you are still in dilemma which antivirus to use, and you wouldn’t like to pay for it make sure to take a look. Lavasoft has something just for you, the latest version of Ad-Aware which is surely a marked improvement over its predecessor.  With real time protection, gaming mode, and a well looking GUI.Even though its still in beta version, there is a lot of hype about the new version of Lavasoft’s well known antivirus, Ad-Aware. Personally, I used version 3 and 4 as an anti-malware solution, but no words after it until now.

Hold your ground and read what they say about their latest product.

More security features than the best paid AVs.

Faster scans, boot times and operation.

It’s really light weight and won’t slow your PC.

Could these statements be true? It is yet to be seen, but certainly we can give a try. The beta is already here, so I downloaded it too see how it works.

This is Ad-Aware home screen which appeared immediately after installing. It shows that my computer is at risk cause it automatically turned off Windows Firewall, so there is no Firewall protecting my PC at the moment. Also after you install the free version,you get the PRO version for 30 days at no charge.

On the first notice, we can see a really simple and attractive look. Just few button that do exactly what we want, no millions of settings on the main screen. On the left site, there are buttons controlling basic protection. If you don’t have any other AV solution, make sure that Real-Time Protection is ON. The Gaming Mode is something all the new Antiviruses have, turning them into silent mode so they don’t disturb you while playing a game or running any full screen application.

The menu looks somehow way too simple and colorless as everything other except home menu, where you can choose between quick, full and custom scanning. On the left there are standard features the Quarantine, scan scheduling and reports.


The advanced protection, which probably comes only with pro version, has some additional options that can be very helpful, like Safe Browsing and Networking, e-mail protection and Firewall, and even safely online buying. Some of these features can be really important to not-so-techy users, as these tend to visit malicious websites. You can download Ad-Aware 10 beta from this link.

Are you planning to give a try to Lavasoft’s new Antivirus? Share your thoughts in comments below the post.


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