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DotA 6.75 is out! Since PlayDota is already down for known reasons, I copied the changelog earlier and posted it here until PlayDota gets up again. What are your insights on this new version? Keep in mind that spoilered text is hidden, including two new awesome heroes. Continue reading “Official DotA 6.75 changelog is out” »

I never planned writing about games on this blog, but since I’m a huge DotA fan this one matters to me. The game at the current state is truly unbalanced and changes are necessary to come in following version, so we can see more heroes being picked and banned. If you look at the b/p statistics on The International you will notice that some heroes were p/b 200 times while some never. That thing must change, one way or another. Continue reading “DotA 6.75, what should change” »

Since The International, everyone is trying to get a Dota 2 beta key.

But, many of  us are still without one, clueless when will we get it. We joined all the possible contests, liked 100 Facebook pages, but still no sign of a key or an invite?

Continue reading “How to get Dota 2 key?” »