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There are lots of ways to improve the Google search. Most of them are already built-in, like adding a dash (-) to exclude all results for a certain word, tilde (~) to search including more synonyms, site: to search for information on a single website etc. I rarely use those, occasionally they come really handy. But now I’ll talk about extending Google’s possibilities with new features Google introduced recently, but also by installing new add-ons and extensions, that make search faster, better and more interesting. Continue reading “8 tips for using Google search like a Boss” »

Ever wondered what happens after you click the magic “send button” on your GMail (or any other emailing service if it matters)? How the mail travels from your Computer, tablet or smartphone to friends similar device in just a second? Well guys from Google made an astonishing presentation, that shows the story from the send button to 1 new message. Continue reading “How an email is sent” »

Google recently announced new privacy policies, which you most probably didn’t read completely. Well there are some privacy issues that you most probably won’t like, and the European committee is currently voting regarding its status. Well briefly, Google will save your browsing history onto their servers so they can use it for suggesting search queries or tailor your search results based on the interests you’ve expressed, showing Google ads and so on. Continue reading “How to delete your Google Browsing history” »