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There are lots of ways to improve the Google search. Most of them are already built-in, like adding a dash (-) to exclude all results for a certain word, tilde (~) to search including more synonyms, site: to search for information on a single website etc. I rarely use those, occasionally they come really handy. But now I’ll talk about extending Google’s possibilities with new features Google introduced recently, but also by installing new add-ons and extensions, that make search faster, better and more interesting. Continue reading “8 tips for using Google search like a Boss” »

Having lots of icons on your desktop tends to be pain in the ass. Trying to find a specific file or folder if u forgot where u left it might take u dozens of seconds, and that’s something we don’t want. We want our PC to be as fast as possible and we should be able to use it the same way. Now I have written a really long and useful guide about that one, read it here. But what I want to explain you here is how to remove the very last thing from your desktop, Recycle Bin, and put it in system tray. Continue reading “Delete Recycle Bin from your desktop and move it to system tray” »

There are lots of ways that can increase your computer speed usage. The most important one is actually yourself, if you type faster, multitask faster and do things faster certainly you will also use your computer faster. But besides this factor there are many more like how fast is your computer, what apps do you use and certain small optimizations that can help for that tiny portion of the second. With all this you can save your precious time and use it for – well, you’ll probably spend it on computer anyway.

Continue reading “25 tips on how to make and use your computer faster” »

Free host and domains are just – meh. Having multiple subdomains in your site address will just repel all the quality visitors. Anyone with some computer knowledge tries to avoid these sites. The only things that could go with subdomains are blogs, like blogspot. But hosting your own blog with a TLD domain has many advantages. You have full rights on your website, you don’t share earnings, no stupid rules to follow and it’s just more appealing. Continue reading “Get your own website as cheap as possible on a TLD domain and shared hosting” »