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Nearly every website, PC software and smartphone application these days require a password. And most of use are using either similar or same passwords for all these pages. Generally I have 3-4 passwords for “important” sites (Facebook, Google account, WordPress account) all of the other passwords are same, except for the last two numbers. But this is not that good, because when sites data get breached, our passwords become kind of public which is a problem for itself. Danger is multiplied if the compromised password has been used on other across multiple services. That for we need a good password manager! Continue reading “How to be more secure online with a password manager” »

Most of my friends and relatives are using Adobe Reader to open and read .pdf files. I’m quite sure it’s not cause they tested all the readers and decided to use Adobe’s. Everyone is used to Adobe Reader but it’s not the best out there, not even close. There are many alternatives that are faster, more beautiful, providing much more options while using less memory. Continue reading “Best free alternatives to Adobe PDF reader” »

Keystroke logging, commonly knows as keylogger, is an action of logging (tracking) the keys being pressed on keyboard, mostly in a manner that person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. I have many friends and family members that are claiming to be victim of keylogger. This can be prevented in many ways, and probably the easiest one is encrypting your keyboard. Continue reading “Be safe from keylogger, encrypt your keyboard” »

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have tabs in Microsoft office so that you can operate and control faster several documents, presentations or worksheets? You wouldn’t need to swap windows to find a certain document or presentation you’re looking for, instead you’d simply just switch tabs in Microsoft Word. Yes, it’s possible with Office Tabs. Continue reading “Get tabs in Word, PowerPoint and Excel for free” »

Are you one of those that prefer having everything right on their desktop in forms of widgets and tabs than browsing the web for this? Pokki will more than likely serve you well having so much to offer to widget lovers. Continue reading “Enhance your desktop with Pokki” »

Found yourself re-installing Windows quite a lot times or simply too lazy to browse for your favorite apps? Besides helping you with these, Allmyapps can do so much more, and you can browse all the free hot apps with ease. Continue reading “Allmyapps — everybody wants apps” »

Stuck with missing space on your desktop for all the icons, apps, pics and rest you want to place on it? Surely buying more monitors is one of the solution, but there is an app that does something similar to it, creating up to twenty virtual desktops, for free. Continue reading “Widen your desktop up to twenty times” »

Update Freezer is a free and simple tool that helps to temporarily disable different kinds of automatic software updates on Windows. It works for nearly every program, including system processes which you shouldn’t touch. Continue reading “UpdateFreezer — freeze your automatic updates” »

Ever needed to hide your files and folders from others, but the hiding “tool” that comes with Windows wasn’t good enough? Wide Folder Hider does nearly the same thing, but instead of just selecting “Show hidden files and folders” so an intruder can see your files, he will have to type a password or even double password if you really need it. Free of charge, simple look and great functionality, what else would you need from such a program? Continue reading “Hide and lock your files and folders from others” »

Can’t wait to get yourself Windows 8? Dncube’s app name Windows 8 start screen full 3 will get you the Metro style screen. Getting the pack on your computer is so simple (and even easier to remove afterwards), but you will need to obtain free activation key first. Continue reading “Use Windows 8 start screen on your XP or Win 7” »