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Many services are selling Twitter followers. To be honest I don’t know whether that goes against Twitter’s ToS or not, but one thing I’m sure about. Most of the followers you will get are either bots or fake. And besides just a number increase there is no real usage of those. OK, maybe you want to look more popular but mostly having too much bots and fake accounts as followers looks bad. And you should feel bad if you paid for it. Continue reading “How to check Twitter for inactive and fake followers” »

Everyone of us dreamed of having hundreds of thousands or even millions of  Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers and many more.  Unless you are a very famous person or an organization this tends to be really hard, almost impossible. But there are many services that let you get hundreds of likes and followers daily for free. And these likes and followers don’t come from bots, they are real persons, although sometimes using fake accounts. Continue reading “How to get Likes, Followers, Subscribers and many more Totally FREE” »