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Nearly every website, PC software and smartphone application these days require a password. And most of use are using either similar or same passwords for all these pages. Generally I have 3-4 passwords for “important” sites (Facebook, Google account, WordPress account) all of the other passwords are same, except for the last two numbers. But this is not that good, because when sites data get breached, our passwords become kind of public which is a problem for itself. Danger is multiplied if the compromised password has been used on other across multiple services. That for we need a good password manager! Continue reading “How to be more secure online with a password manager” »

Ever said to yourself: “I want Facebook to look different,” or “I don’t want to see these Timeline profiles”? Well probably you’re not the only one, cause lots of people dislike the new Timeline look. Anyway there is a solution for that (unfortunately only for you, you can’t change what others see) and it’s called Social Fixer for Facebook. It allows you to tweak Facebook just the way you want it. Continue reading “Change your Facebook layout on any browser” »

Read It Later

01/02/2012 — 2 Comments

Ever started reading an interesting article, closed your browser or switched off PC and later just couldn’t find it due to huge mess in browsing history? Well even if you use another computer, then switch to your own you can still find it easily.  Read It Later lets you save what you find on the web to watch and read on any device, at any time. Continue reading “Read It Later” »

Image searching is something we are all familiar with, but what’s exactly Reverse image search? What is it used for? Why Would I use it? Which tools are used for reverse image searching? Continue reading “Search internet by Images” »