Delete Recycle Bin from your desktop and move it to system tray

23/11/2012 — 3 Comments

Having lots of icons on your desktop tends to be pain in the ass. Trying to find a specific file or folder if u forgot where u left it might take u dozens of seconds, and that’s something we don’t want. We want our PC to be as fast as possible and we should be able to use it the same way. Now I have written a really long and useful guide about that one, read it here. But what I want to explain you here is how to remove the very last thing from your desktop, Recycle Bin, and put it in system tray.

Recycle Bin, a friend that takes all our trash inside him and keeps it inside for as long as we need him to. But Recycle Bin doesn’t have to be on the desktop to do all his dirty work, you can remove it from there and still have it keeping your computer clean.
If you are using Windows Vista 7 there are two ways (well probably more, but these are the easiest) to accomplish this:

1. Right-click on the desktop, choose Personalize, then choose Desktop Icon settings on the left-hand side.

Desktop icon settings

And now simply remove the check box from Recycle Bin:

Desktop icon settings recycle bin checkbox

2. Open Start menu, Control Panel and select Appearance and Personalization, then click Personalization. In the left panel click Change desktop icons and then uncheck the box from Recycle Bin.


If you are using Windows Vista simply right click Recycle Bin and press delete. Yes, as simple as that.

Delete Recycle Bin Windows Vista


And if you are using Windows XP, just like me, click on start, run then inside type “regedit.” In Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry key:


Find the following key:


And simply delete it. Recycle Bin will be gone from your desktop.


Now since we removed the Recycle Bin from the desktop we want in in the system tray, right? Program MiniBin will allow us to do just the thing.

MiniBin is the free recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area; the area next to the clock in the taskbar.


MiniBin comes handy when you decide to remove Recycle Bin from the desktop and leave in system tray. Despite being a really tiny program it allows you to do various things with it.

For example you can change the configuration, translate the text in the menu or use your own icons to make MiniBin just the way you want it to be.

Minibin configuration

You can easily empty Recycle Bin by right clicking the system tray icon and clicking empty, or even easier, double click on the icon.

MiniBin can show either two-state icon display, displaying full and empty Recycle Bin or use the default multi-state icon display which uses all five icons to also display intermediate fill levels.


And if MiniBin is overwhelming or if you want something more minimal than MiniBin, try MicroBin. It is the most minimal (10kb) RecycleBin for you system tray. Its based on MiniBin, but without all the extras.

Download MiniBin directly from here, and MicroBin from here.


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