Get tabs in Word, PowerPoint and Excel for free

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Have you ever thought how great it would be to have tabs in Microsoft office so that you can operate and control faster several documents, presentations or worksheets? You wouldn’t need to swap windows to find a certain document or presentation you’re looking for, instead you’d simply just switch tabs in Microsoft Word. Yes, it’s possible with Office Tabs.
We should always tend to use our computer faster, either by making it faster or learning how to use it faster, and if you are using Microsoft Office quite often Office Tabs is just the thing for you.

After installing it Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel will get tabbed view inside, instead of old multiple windows.


Tabbed Word


You don’t have to close a certain document (or minimize it) to open another. All you’ll have to do is click on a tab you want to open or learn shortcuts (which are similar to browser’s shortcuts) and do it even faster.

Tabbed PowerPoint

Tabbed Excel


The program is really customizable, it lets you change various things like tab size, color, style, shortcuts and many more. Simply open Office Tabs Center and change what you want.

Office Tab Center


There are two version of Office Tabs, free and enterprise. Office Tabs is free and supports Word, Power Point and Excel, while Office Tabs Enterprise supports all office programs.

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