Get your own website as cheap as possible on a TLD domain and shared hosting

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Free host and domains are just – meh. Having multiple subdomains in your site address will just repel all the quality visitors. Anyone with some computer knowledge tries to avoid these sites. The only things that could go with subdomains are blogs, like blogspot. But hosting your own blog with a TLD domain has many advantages. You have full rights on your website, you don’t share earnings, no stupid rules to follow and it’s just more appealing.

I remember times when buying shared hosting was way too expensive, unless you had your own company or a great project plan. Buying one of those was just unnecessary. Ah and domains used to cost like $100 per year. No seriously, it cost you a small fortune to buy yourself a TLD domain and shared hosting. Also back in these days without coding skills you weren’t able to make almost anything online.

But things have changed, you don’t need a small fortune to set your own website anymore nor you need any coding skills. What you need is some time, few bucks and this guide, nothing else. Keep in mind that this is not a guide how to create .forumotion, .cc or similar websites. These don’t look professional at all, it’s just for … none I guess. Also there is no need to pay a hosting $10 a month or to pay $30-$40 for a TLD domain. By using this guide you will be able to make website like using as least as possible money.

First of all you will need a credit card. If you don’t have one, get it. If you are too young to get one – ask your parents to use their credit card. Paying online (like for hosting or domain) by using “offline methods” (like bank payment) is so outdated. And if you can’t get a credit card by any matters, which I hardly believe in, there are methods that you can use, although I dislike them (they cost more than using a credit card). One of them is OneBip, which allows you paying online using your mobile phone credit.

After acquiring a credit card (if you didn’t have one) the next thing is to buy either a hosting or domain. I prefer buying domain first, but you can do it however you want. Also before buying any of these, always google for coupon codes. You can get really great offers by just spending thirty seconds on Google. Simply type “Website name” coupon codes and usually the first or second Website will provide you exactly what you need. Search for best coupon you need (although mostly they are at top), type it while paying for your hosting services or domain, and get the discount.

A domain

A domain is, in the most simple words, your name on the internet, the web address your or someone will type in their browser to get to your web site, like
Usually it doesn’t really matter where you buy the domain, except if you buy at really untrusted places. The biggest domain provider in the world is

Sometimes you can find great discounts there, I bought few domains for $1, but that’s kinda rare and since we want to get our Website as cheap as possible, I’m going to guide you exactly there. Also I’ll be giving you pricing for .com domains, as there are most wanted. You can get cheaper solution by buying .info domain or .co domain, or maybe another domain by finding a coupon code for that particular domain extension.



Netfirms is the cheapest domain provider out there. But keep in mind that there are no coupon codes for netfirms, so in 90% of cases you will be able to find cheaper domains using coupon codes. Also if you need private registration (but we’re looking for cheapest solution) netfirms is ideal for you, since here private registration is free. Annual fee for .com domain name on netfirms is $7.99 and it includes free private registration.


1&1 is providing hosting and domain services, which can be found really cheap. Today I opened their website after quite a long time and found a great offer (you don’t need to enter coupon code). They were offering .com domains for only $0.99. The annual fee on 1&1 is $8.99, but they offer deals using coupon codes quite often so you can get that one for a lower price. Also you get free private registration when registering at 1&1.

Go daddy

Go Daddy is worlds biggest domain register. They’re hosting millions of domains. Although their price isn’t the chepeast out there, they always have great deals. All you have to do is google for Go Daddy coupon codes and find one that suits you. The usual annual fee on Go Daddy is $11.99 and you don’t get the privacy registration for free.

Namecheap is a solid domain and hosting register, with average deals. For fresh domain registers (first year) you get the private registration for free. The cost of registering domain is $8.98 per year.


There are many other domain registers, and sometimes you might find really great deals on them (such as $1 .com domains). But these four are the most know domain registers with the lowest possible price.




Now about the hosting. It’s a place where you will put your website, all the files and data, text and videos. You can consider a domain as an address, and the hosting as home. The domain will just point to your home, so the browser knows what page to show. Lots of Website hosting companies are offering unlimited packages, you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Keep in mind that it’s not really unlimited, if you start making supremely high bandwidth usages (like a download site for example, hosting files on their servers) you will get warned and afterwards removed.


Usually everyone recommends HostGator (me too, but a bit later) but recently I came across an unknown host, and they offer really great services.



BuddyHost. Firstly the price is good, the up-time is 100% for me so far (using them for 4 months) and the customer support is top-notch. I got my answers in matter of minutes, hopefully I wasn’t just lucky. I couldn’t even find a proper picture for this host, but at least in this one you can see the price – $0.90 per month. That’s way much cheaper than any other host, and there are even coupon codes to make the price lower. Ridiculous.The disk space and bandwidth is enough for any beginner out there. The only thing I didn’t like about this host is that it took me about 30 hours to make a domain point at their name server and start working, but guess no one is in that much hurry not to wait a day.


HostGator is standard recommendation from everyone. It’s reliable, great and the customer support is probably the best out there. It usually takes less than a minute to get in touch on live chat with customer support. The standard price is $8.95 per month, or if you pay annually it’s $6.95. Also mostly you don’t have to search for coupon codes, it’s instantly applied when you try to buy host and you get at least 20% off. I used HostGator two years ago, and had quite a lot down times although the customer support was polite and gave me months for free cause of that. Free $100 Adwords coupon included.




After HostGator, blue host is the biggest web hosting company. I cannot talk about my own experiences with them, cause I never used their services but usually everyone recommends it so I expect it to be good. The monthly fee is, no matter how you pay it $6.95. Same as in HostGator, they offer a free Adwords coupon, but a $50 one.



iPage is kinda unknown hosting, even though they have the famous “i” in their name. I planned on using their services one year ago, because of free marketing coupons, but after I noticed they don’t have cPanel I requested my money back and got it in matter of minutes. Usually they charge you $3.50/month, but if you try to close the tab on check out they offer you the same thing for $2.50, kinda immoral for me but guess it works for them. I mentioned them here for two reasons. Firstly they offer $250 worth of coupon codes ($100 Adwords, $100 Yahoo and $50 Facebook) and they are running probably the best hosting deal ever, you can get all these coupons and hosting services for 12 months paying only one dollar. Enter “augustsavings” at checkout, not sure when it will expire. If you can’t get the coupon working, simply click on this link.nbsp;

Also 1&1 (mentioned before for domain register) is offering quality host at low price. You can also go for a free solution, like 000webhost but I don’t recommend this because they’ll put their ads on your site and block you when they want to.


Not to make this post way too long, I’ll put it in several parts. The next one will be about putting content on your website using a free CMS, like WordPress or Joomla. If you have any hosting providers or domain registers to recommend, let us know by leaving a comment.

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