How to check Twitter for inactive and fake followers

08/09/2012 — 3 Comments

Many services are selling Twitter followers. To be honest I don’t know whether that goes against Twitter’s ToS or not, but one thing I’m sure about. Most of the followers you will get are either bots or fake. And besides just a number increase there is no real usage of those. OK, maybe you want to look more popular but mostly having too much bots and fake accounts as followers looks bad. And you should feel bad if you paid for it.

Twitter is a huge marketing source and second most popular social network after Facebook. Many sources claim that users on Twitter are worth more than users on Facebook. Why?

Well Twitter users tend to earn more and have a higher degree. You can’t see that many kids around, cause there are no games to be played. But what’s the use of followers if they are just bots?

Yes the number increases and it looks a bit better, but anyone with common sense can realize that these followers are either fake or bots. I tried using the services that provide free likes, followers, subscribers etc. and realized that most of the followers I got on Twitter were actually fake accounts (not like I expected something else).


The Status People website lets you check for fake and inactive followers on any Twitter profile. After connecting to twitter and authorizing the app, Fakers Status will show your stats. It looks something like this:

As previously mentioned, I have used the services that let you get followers for free which lead to status like this, 32% fake accounts.

This tool analyzes up to 100.000 accounts and then show the results. If someone has more than 100.000 followers it will analyze just 100.000 samples (randomly) and show you the results. But you can expect it to be approximate to real value. Also if a user has lots of followers, the scanning will last a little longer.

According to an image posted on their website, the version 2.0 will let you know which exactly of your followers are fake.


On 4th of September, a guy named Steve running a website that sells Twitter followers said the following:


“Yes they [The Customer] are aware they are fake, they are real looking but they are fake. There is no way to buy real followers.


So please remember that 99% services selling Twitter followers will sell you bots and fake accounts. You don’t need these, trust me. Especially if you pay lots of amount for them.

Did you check your Twitter profile for fakers? Post an image below letting us see your Twitter profile status.


3 responses to How to check Twitter for inactive and fake followers

  1. Good to know. I just did my test and 0% fake. Pity that app doesn’t have a way to unfollow just those fake accounts but a good one for that is Cheers!

    • Great to know you have 0% fake followers. It’s a pity, I agree but as I already mentioned on the new version they plan to introduce such thing. I never tried manageflitter before, but gotta give it a try. Thanks for you useful insight.

  2. A very complicated process when we use twitter regularly to communicate with friends and family. thanks for the great write up that makes sense.


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