How to get Dota 2 key?

25/11/2011 — 96 Comments

Since The International, everyone is trying to get a Dota 2 beta key.

But, many of  us are still without one, clueless when will we get it. We joined all the possible contests, liked 100 Facebook pages, but still no sign of a key or an invite?

Updated 09/20/2012

– Removed few links
– Since the post is quite old, I need you providing me links to current giveaways. Please post a comment linking to a legit giveaway.
– Added new contests (raidcall, alienware, reddit)

Well, we won’t give a key to every visitor , but we will point you where you can get your own. There are many contests currently giving out the beta key, and we’ll try to name them all.
To find out more about our own contest, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Guys from Gamersbook are doing a huge and awesome giveaway. You are not only able to win 50 Dota 2 beta keys, you can win more, much more with them. How about three Razer Naga hex mouses and latest GeForce video card? Or an in-game courier to spice up your games as soon as you win one beta key from the contest? All you have to do is visit the contest at Gamersbook and have some luck.


Raidcall contest

Raidcall is currently giving 50 Dota 2 betakeys on their Facebook page. All you have to do is share this photo (photo on their Facebook wall, not this one) and like their page. Join the contest here.


Alienware Arena

This is a US only contest. If you are from US, just login on Alienware Arena website, write few posts (to get level 7, at least what users write) and claim your key.



Reddit dota

Reddit is a forum-like place, if you didn’t know by now. So there is a subreddit (kinda like sub-forum) for sharing Dota 2 keys. Lots of users are giving away keys. You either have to write a text why you deserve it, draw something or … well you get it. Open the shareDota2 subreddit and get your key.

The PlayDota Beta key draw. Probably your biggest chances are right here. 80 keys are given every single day, and on thanksgiving they gave massive 500 keys. But, if you are an older member of PD forums (registred before 2010), you have double chances of winning one of the prestige keys.

All you have to do is open this thread, and post some random thing. The PlayDota bot is drawing keys automatically, and if you win one you’ll get a private message shortly.

PlayDota forums. Many users got their keys from the draw, or somewhere else and are sharing them with the community for some effort. Whether it’s guessing the riddle, liking their page or just posting, there is a way of getting one key.  Simply open this link to browse the Beta key forums.


Well as written above, we have our own contest.  Look at this as helping others, not getting a key. And we’ll reward one of you for helping with a Dota2 invite.

What you have to do to join the contest:

# Like us on Facebook (top right corner)
# Like this post (on the left)
# +1 Google this article (on the left)
# Follow us on Twitter (linked)
# Tweet this article (found on the left)
# Subscribe us on YouTube (linked, the profile looks awful we agree, we’ll get it it a bit later)

After you do most of this (we understand some of you don’t use twitter/Facebook) post a comment below so that we can contact you.

As we believe there are many more contests out there at the moment, but we didn’t spot them, we expect comments containing the link and description of the contest. We’ll be more than happy to post it here.

96 responses to How to get Dota 2 key?

  1. Samir Lavingia 26/11/2011 at 12:45

    Done, done, done, done, done, done, and done!

    Good luck to all.

    • I have dota 2 client for play but i dont have the dota 2 server, please you can say me where i get dota 2 server and key.
      Good luck

  2. Moaaz Alkhrfan 26/11/2011 at 12:57

    +1 on Google
    Liked on Facebook
    Subscribed on Youtube
    Sorry i don’t use twitter
    Good luck everybody.

  3. Pranav Chandra 26/11/2011 at 14:27

    All done! Good luck to all! :)

  4. all done

  5. Hello. All done “crosses fingers”

  6. All done ! Thanks !

  7. done all except the twitter

  8. Vova Melnik 26/11/2011 at 15:55

    all done

  9. I love you guys. But a beta key would make me love you even more

  10. Done and done!

  11. All Done Guys! Good Luck with the site!

  12. Good Luck guys!

  13. +1 on Google
    Sorry i don’t use facebook
    Subscribed on Youtube (Jokk3rino2)
    I can’t share.
    Sorry i don’t use twitter

    Good luck and thanks in advice 😀

  14. MiDNiGhT2903 26/11/2011 at 17:22

    Done!! Love you guys!! Good luck all =3=

  15. all ready pleas beta key! :(

  16. DONE ! :)

  17. Done Done Done and Done

  18. DotaIsMyBitch 26/11/2011 at 20:35


  19. bad idea to include google+ AND facebook.
    u already want so many things from the ppl, goolge+ OR facebook would be valid too.

  20. test :) btw. Nice text

  21. +1 Google
    I cant share
    I dont use facebook
    Followed on Twitter
    Tweeted this article
    Subscribed on YouTube (grantcabrera14)
    Subscribe via email (

  22. Googled plus-ed
    Don’t use facebook or twitter
    Subscribed on YouTube ( C00Ki3fication )
    Subscribed via email (

  23. i do what u said :) i will w8 now :) ty for this contest :)))

  24. Subscribe via email

  25. +1 Google (with another email)
    Created an account on facebook so I could like you.
    Created an account on twitter so I could twitt you.
    emeail subscribed.


  26. All done except twitter, since i don’t use it :)


  28. boom shaka laka

  29. Done !

  30. All done but except twitter(not using it). Anyway i except some key cause i trying to get it for a long time. GL all 😀

  31. done!!

  32. Done:D

  33. thexfiles123 01/02/2012 at 19:29

    I liked and +1 on GOogle, hope I win :) Great contest guys, I hope it’s not fake.

  34. Liked +1 on Google
    Like on Facebook
    Tweet on Facebook
    Subscribe Youtube
    Done all



  36. Done all of your suggessted things :)

  37. man plz give me dota 2 key plz alll ma frnds have a key and im left out

  38. I hope !!!

  39. +1 on google
    like on facebook
    all i could do
    i want the key
    i need the key
    i’d love to play

  40. Hola m Back Here To Say Thx To You Dot2 Beta Great Thank you For The Betakey

  41. Ai galera to muito afim da KEY eu jogo WAR fais uns 9 anos por ai , pois quero muito 1 KEY obrigado….

  42. vinz (aka Unknown) 30/03/2012 at 07:51

    All done
    hope i’m lucky!

  43. Doneee!

  44. doneee would love to get a key :)

  45. done..good luck all! wish me luck too.. ^^

  46. I don’t have either of the social networks but i do really hope to get one please? thx a lot =)

  47. I’m not sure if this conetest is still going on, but I really would love to get this key (as would anyone), but I really want to give it to a friend of mine. We’ve been dying to play together with our other friends, so we can get a little matchmaking team going on. Its so much better as a group. I liked through facebook and subscribed. Good luck to everyone else

  48. *** Thanks! ***

  49. good luck guys

  50. Done!

  51. done!!

  52. Done! Good Luck!

  53. Nuno Cunha 11/05/2012 at 19:49


  54. all done! Good luck for everyone o/

  55. raman00714 12/05/2012 at 15:35

    i just want the beta key man..did every possible thing ..nw please give me one please…. :'(

  56. Landon Haugh 01/06/2012 at 22:42

    Done! Hopefully i’ll win.. 😀

  57. fingers crossed 😀

  58. Okay, did everything~
    The amount of anticipation is too high!!
    Thanks for the opportunity guys and good luck!

  59. I’m tierd of bugs in Dota. I hope Dota2 is something else.

  60. DONNEE!!!!

  61. Helllo!
    I would be more than glad to recieve a key! Done all of the required above!

  62. Draganspanec 30/06/2012 at 19:38

    Done ! Please, i would like to get a key ! :3

  63. I finished all that :’)
    Wish me luck to get a KEY

    My email ::

  64. All done. Please give me the key. I will do anything for you :) Thanks!

  65. i’ve like all

  66. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Done done all done hope I get key :)

  68. All done, give me key pls:D

  69. done, now just wait..
    when is the contest over, may i ask?

  70. # +1 Google this blog (top right corner) done
    # +1 Google this article (on the left) done
    # Follow us on Twitter (linked) done
    # Tweet this article (found on the left) done

  71. Been there, done that.

  72. please give me a dota2 beta key love this game:X

  73. all DONE

  74. All done, give me key pls:D

  75. administrator is here?

  76. Lol nice fake 😀

    • It’s not fake. A user got his key, but half a year ago. You can see this post is nearly one year old.

  77. +1 on Google
    Liked on Facebook
    Subscribed on Youtube
    Sorry i don’t have twitter.

    Crossed fingers

  78. Everything! EVERYTHING DONE! plz i want a dota 2 beta key!!! :C

  79. done!!! waiting for it!!!

  80. Please give me a key…Done

  81. I done most of the surveys now for my information this is my steam kamaleondmar500 and you can email me at good luck everyone

    • Most of the surveys, except the Valve’s you do on steam, are fake including a FileIce link. After you complete them, the one that uploaded the file gets the money. Anyway the contest is over, since long ago :). Good luck to finding the key anyway.

  82. All done 😀

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