How to read Terms of Service in 15 seconds

09/09/2012 — 4 Comments

The biggest lie on the web? “I have read and agree to the Terms”. No you haven’t, neither did I. Last time I tried to read ToS was long time ago and after few minutes I quit. These things are boring. But hey, if you want to know what’s inside without reading all the text, now there is a solution for that. And it’s called “Terms of Service, Didn’t Read”.

It’s not an uncommon thing to register to a new site or install new software. Usually on the software it was next, next, I agree, next, finish. Same things go for registrations except that you had to enter your username, password and email. And you needed to accept terms of service of that particular website. You didn’t even read it and you were like “Hey, who even reads this. Did anyone ever read this?” You’re not the only one, probably 99.99% of the users do the same thing.

If none reads the terms of service, what are they for?

Well, the software or website has to determine their and yours rights, the privacy policies etc. It defines what you can and what you shouldn’t do with that particular software or website.

But, since you didn’t read the terms how could you know what’s allowed or not? Except reading official tech news and blogs, there was no way to know this. Until now!



Terms of Service, Didn’t read is a new website that does the boring job for you. Website’s and software’s terms of service are available out there, you just have to find it by browsing the website. And they’re adding new networks and apps every day. You will see what’s good or bad for a certain website or software. Do they allow you to delete your account? Do they take your privacy seriously? Let’s take for example – Steam.

The good, so-so and bad things about Steam’s ToS are shown in the simplest way possible. No stockpile of pages to read. You immediately know that you can’t delete your account, don’t have to enter real name in registration process and even where will the jurisdiction take place if they want to sue you. If you want to know more, click expand and the part of ToS where these things come from will be shown to you. But let’s be real, you won’t even read that.


Or we can examine Google’s terms of service.

We can immediately notice – Google’s terms are good. So many green around, we don’t have nothing to worry about. Right, I guess. But some websites aren’t this green. Like Facebook or Twitter.

And some websites have bad terms of service. Really baaaad, according to colors. Delicious for example.


There is one downside about this website. The fact tha it is new. The database is so minor that you could read the terms of services on your own of the websites and apps provided there. Well, not that small but the website claims to be in beta version. Yet to be seen how it will evolve, but I expect a bright future for this one.


Did you ever read terms of service? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Yes, I do. But not all the time. Point is, I do read it. :))

  2. super useful, thanks. might be time to delete some accounts….

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