The new YouTube look

02/12/2011 — 1 Comment

YouTube, the most popular video service website has just been redesigned, following other Google projects which were tweaked recently (Google search, GMail, Adsense etc.).

The design has changed a lot, from major white and gray colors, to black and gray. It looks really different compared to old design and probably we will need some time to get used to it.

The new YouTube is supposed to be much more Social friendly, meaning that it will be much easier to connect with the social networks.

On the left side there is a menu containing all our subscriptions, Google+ updates and Facebook video updates (we have to connect our account to Facebook). By selecting a certain channel, the latest videos from that user will be shown on our homepage. Right below it are YouTube suggestions, trending and popular videos, music and entertainment. If you don’t know what to watch, well check what’s YouTube recommending. After the YouTube video recommendations, the channel recommendations take place. According to our current subscriptions, YouTube shows us similar channels that we may like.

Middle of the screens are reserved for videos, showing the videos from users we’re subscribed to and updates that we might like. Same as before the right part of the screen is reserved for featured videos.

The player look was changed too, following the design changes from the main page. The layout is same, containing all the features and icons from old YouTube, with a slight design change.

The user panel, upload and other YouTube pages didn’t get any change beside light to dark layout.

Whether you like it or not, the Google will probably change it to default in upcoming weeks. All we can do at the moment is get used to it.

Share your thoughts below and tell us what do you think about the new YouTube look.


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  1. Nice looks 😀 Gl with site :))

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