There are lots of ways that can increase your computer speed usage. The most important one is actually yourself, if you type faster, multitask faster and do things faster certainly you will also use your computer faster. But besides this factor there are many more like how fast is your computer, what apps do you use and certain small optimizations that can help for that tiny portion of the second. With all this you can save your precious time and use it for – well, you’ll probably spend it on computer anyway.

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DotA 6.75 is out! Since PlayDota is already down for known reasons, I copied the changelog earlier and posted it here until PlayDota gets up again. What are your insights on this new version? Keep in mind that spoilered text is hidden, including two new awesome heroes. Continue reading “Official DotA 6.75 changelog is out” »

Free host and domains are just – meh. Having multiple subdomains in your site address will just repel all the quality visitors. Anyone with some computer knowledge tries to avoid these sites. The only things that could go with subdomains are blogs, like blogspot. But hosting your own blog with a TLD domain has many advantages. You have full rights on your website, you don’t share earnings, no stupid rules to follow and it’s just more appealing. Continue reading “Get your own website as cheap as possible on a TLD domain and shared hosting” »

Windows 7 is the world’s most used operating system. But only since recently. Two weeks before it used to be Windows XP. But now since Windows 7 became most used, new threat is coming, the Windows 8. So in order to make your desktop more appealing, I present you best themes from this year. Continue reading “Best 2012 Windows 7 themes for your desktop” »

WordPress is the World’s most used Content Management System at 55% usage. Also 16% of all websites are using WordPress. Quite a number isn’t it? To use WordPress at it’s full potential for your news portal or blog, I chose latest and greatest magazine and blog themes that could help you skyrocket your site and presented them here. Continue reading “13 Beautiful premium WordPress magazine and blog themes” »

Any blogger that updated the Sociable plugin to version 4.3.3 got his site bugged. After updating, all content gets removed. While waiting for official author to fix the problem, there is one solution – downgrade. Continue reading “Temporary fix for Sociable plugin” »

The biggest lie on the web? “I have read and agree to the Terms”. No you haven’t, neither did I. Last time I tried to read ToS was long time ago and after few minutes I quit. These things are boring. But hey, if you want to know what’s inside without reading all the text, now there is a solution for that. And it’s called “Terms of Service, Didn’t Read”. Continue reading “How to read Terms of Service in 15 seconds” »

Many services are selling Twitter followers. To be honest I don’t know whether that goes against Twitter’s ToS or not, but one thing I’m sure about. Most of the followers you will get are either bots or fake. And besides just a number increase there is no real usage of those. OK, maybe you want to look more popular but mostly having too much bots and fake accounts as followers looks bad. And you should feel bad if you paid for it. Continue reading “How to check Twitter for inactive and fake followers” »

I never planned writing about games on this blog, but since I’m a huge DotA fan this one matters to me. The game at the current state is truly unbalanced and changes are necessary to come in following version, so we can see more heroes being picked and banned. If you look at the b/p statistics on The International you will notice that some heroes were p/b 200 times while some never. That thing must change, one way or another. Continue reading “DotA 6.75, what should change” »

Everyone of us dreamed of having hundreds of thousands or even millions of  Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers and many more.  Unless you are a very famous person or an organization this tends to be really hard, almost impossible. But there are many services that let you get hundreds of likes and followers daily for free. And these likes and followers don’t come from bots, they are real persons, although sometimes using fake accounts. Continue reading “How to get Likes, Followers, Subscribers and many more Totally FREE” »