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It has been proven many times, if you don’t organize your day you’ll probably just waste it. And I’m pretty sure this applies even more for those spending most of their days on a computer.

There are lots of commercial software used for creating a To-Do list, but there is an amazing free program doing just that.

To-Do Desklist is a free Windows application produced by Dextroned, used to create simple and good looking To-Do list on your desktop. It features a really simple GUI which even the most inexperienced folks will easy manipulate, a clean look which will make your desktop look even cooler and some powerful features. With a simple and friendly interface, To-Do DeskList tries to offer an easy way to jot things down and receive notifications for the tasks at the time you specify.

After downloading and installing the application, To-Do Desklist settles itself in the system tray. By right clicking it a handy menu appears:

Besides basic functions such as Exit, Help and Settings, a couple of “new” ones are easily spotted, and most of them are easily recognizable.

Bring Sticky Notes To Front simply puts your notes above your desktop icons, while Switch To-Do List lets you switch among many of your To-Do Lists (personally I use one, but it might be useful if you want to use several To-Do Lists, like for School, Job, Family etc.).

Show My To-Do Lists shows a clean and compact menu.

It has some similar options as the program menu, but here we can see all our previous and active To-Do tasks. We can easily hide, show and delete them through the menu.

There is an option for Synchronizing the To-Do list, meaning that you can have same To-Do lists on multiple computers.

Now the main part, we want to add a To-Do task on our desktop, right? After clicking Add To-Do… on the main menu, following windows appears:

To-Do Note is our To-Do title. It will show up on the top of our To-Do task. The priority is not that important, you can leave it all the time medium. Though if you have lots of To-Do tasks added, you’ll probably want to change the priority of certain tasks, some of them to high and some of them to low.
The extended note lets you add some additional information about your task, like for example the date of a certain task, or the persons you’ll have to call.

Reminder is something you really want to check out. Basically it’s an alarm for all your to-dos. It will remind you on your task by blinking on desktop and playing the alarm tone. This way you’ll never forget about a certain task.

The To-Dos should look just like this on your desktop (I use a custom XP theme – GAIA, and a light layout for To-Do Desklist):

As mentioned before, the To-Do Desklist features three layout presets: dark, light and sky; and you can  always make your own by choosing custom theme.

In Settings > Appearance menu we can change the To-Do List opacity, height of the list, and the buttons which will be showed. Also you can create your custom theme, just for your own needs.

Shortly, a clean looking application used to organize your time better, by displaying the To-Dos on your desktop and reminding you on them.

Download the application from here. Also there is a commercial application from the Dextronet, named Swift To-Do list.


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