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01/02/2012 — 2 Comments

Ever started reading an interesting article, closed your browser or switched off PC and later just couldn’t find it due to huge mess in browsing history? Well even if you use another computer, then switch to your own you can still find it easily.  Read It Later lets you save what you find on the web to watch and read on any device, at any time.

Well basically, Read It Later is an application that let’s you store your links on the internet, and later just continue reading them. Yet the best part of this app is that it can be used on nearly every device, and they developed good looking plugins for Firefox and Chrome.

So if your iPhone battery is running low and you didn’t finish reading an interesting article, you just add it to Read It Later app, come home and continue reading your article on your Mac.
The Read It Later list syncs with all your devices by using one account. Read It Later even remembers your position in each article, so you can start reading on your computer, get up, grab your phone and pick up exactly where you left off.


Besides these, it has really cool functions such as Offline Reading. On one click, Read It Later downloads all the articles you set to your computer, so even when you lose your connection, you’ll still be able to access all of your pages.

Sometimes there is just too much to read. After a while, your list might be in need of some organization. Add tags to categorize items into different groups and browse through your tags like folders.

You can easily share all the saved pages to your friends with the implemented share tool.


Whether you like reading long articles or not, this app might be useful for you as it can be used for page bookmarking too.



The best thing about Read It Later that it’s really easy to use, even those with nearly no computer skills will get used to it. Just press one button to select a page, and another one to show your list. Simplicity at its best. Whether you like reading long articles or not, you will surely like this app.

To download this app for your phone, browser, tablet or e-reader visit this link. Or you can install Firefox plugin directly from here


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