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Most of us are using file sharing websites either daily or just sometimes. Well if you don’t know what file sharing websites are, you probably heard for RapidShare, SpeedyShare or even old MegaUpload. There are dozens of sites like this, but most of them have a small catch-up. If you don’t buy their premium account, you’ll have to wait a minute, watch tons of ads, captchas etc. And we can get rid of that without paying anything.

Whether you are a tech-freak, or just someone that uses internet to check his email, you probably came across one of file sharing websites. The most famous one was MegaUpload, I guess. Although for long time I used only RapidShare, even bought premium few times. You couldn’t download two files at same time, actually you had to wait for an hour to download second file. And it’s still like that. The maximum speed on most of these is limited, etc.


Lots of extensions and add-ons are able to do this, and to be honest I found a great one that led me to writing this article, and while writing I totally forgot the extension name. Silly me. If I find it again, I’ll definitely review it, but for now I found others that claim to do same thing. One of them is Auto Download for file sharing websites.

Auto download

That’s a strange image representing that extension.


What this extension does is that it automatically clicks the buttons and alerts you if Captcha entry is needed. If you have to download multiple files, it can queue them. ICreates a queue for each site and will download files one at a time for a given upload site. Downloads from different sites will work in parallel.


Auto Downloader works on a number of file uploading sites (see list below):

– 4Shared
– DepositFiles
– Easy-Share
– FileServe
– FileSonic
– HotFile
– HulkShare
– MediaFire
– MegaShares
– MegaUpload
– NetLoad
– Oron (partial support)
– RapidShare
– TurboBit
– Uploading
– WUpload
– ZippyShare


Keep in mind that you could have issue if downloading from these websites, but other domains (like national domains).

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