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Having lots of icons on your desktop tends to be pain in the ass. Trying to find a specific file or folder if u forgot where u left it might take u dozens of seconds, and that’s something we don’t want. We want our PC to be as fast as possible and we should be able to use it the same way. Now I have written a really long and useful guide about that one, read it here. But what I want to explain you here is how to remove the very last thing from your desktop, Recycle Bin, and put it in system tray. Continue reading “Delete Recycle Bin from your desktop and move it to system tray” »

Are you one of those that prefer having everything right on their desktop in forms of widgets and tabs than browsing the web for this? Pokki will more than likely serve you well having so much to offer to widget lovers. Continue reading “Enhance your desktop with Pokki” »

Stuck with missing space on your desktop for all the icons, apps, pics and rest you want to place on it? Surely buying more monitors is one of the solution, but there is an app that does something similar to it, creating up to twenty virtual desktops, for free. Continue reading “Widen your desktop up to twenty times” »

You ever wondered of all possibilities that lay ahead and you didn’t take advantage of them? You ever wondered of all ways to make your desktop look like dreamland but never knew how to do it? Wait no more, we present you the tools that will make your desktop look amazing!

Continue reading “Customize your desktop the way you always wanted!” »