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Nearly every website, PC software and smartphone application these days require a password. And most of use are using either similar or same passwords for all these pages. Generally I have 3-4 passwords for “important” sites (Facebook, Google account, WordPress account) all of the other passwords are same, except for the last two numbers. But this is not that good, because when sites data get breached, our passwords become kind of public which is a problem for itself. Danger is multiplied if the compromised password has been used on other across multiple services. That for we need a good password manager! Continue reading “How to be more secure online with a password manager” »

Keystroke logging, commonly knows as keylogger, is an action of logging (tracking) the keys being pressed on keyboard, mostly in a manner that person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. I have many friends and family members that are claiming to be victim of keylogger. This can be prevented in many ways, and probably the easiest one is encrypting your keyboard. Continue reading “Be safe from keylogger, encrypt your keyboard” »

Ever needed to hide your files and folders from others, but the hiding “tool” that comes with Windows wasn’t good enough? Wide Folder Hider does nearly the same thing, but instead of just selecting “Show hidden files and folders” so an intruder can see your files, he will have to type a password or even double password if you really need it. Free of charge, simple look and great functionality, what else would you need from such a program? Continue reading “Hide and lock your files and folders from others” »