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2012 is so long ago. Kind of. That’s way we don’t want to use themes that were popular in 2012, they are boring already. We need something new, like best 2013 Windows 7 themes. Only the best chosen for you! Whether you like dark or light themes, minimalistic or those taking bunch of space,  default-like or those really strange all of them are here. Continue reading “Best 2013 Windows 7 themes for your desktop” »

Windows 7 is the world’s most used operating system. But only since recently. Two weeks before it used to be Windows XP. But now since Windows 7 became most used, new threat is coming, the Windows 8. So in order to make your desktop more appealing, I present you best themes from this year. Continue reading “Best 2012 Windows 7 themes for your desktop” »

After changing your Windows 7 theme with a custom one from this post, surely you’d like to change something else too, to give some extra touch to the theme. I found a really cool app while browsing deviantart, and it’s called 7CONIFIER. It comes with six preloaded icon packs and if you don’t like these, you can easily get more of them. Continue reading “7CONIFIER, a Windows 7 icon changing app” »

After an article for XP themes, it’s surely time to write one about Windows 7 themes.  Even though the Windows 7 looks really good on default look, you can always change it to look better.
So, I’ll present you 25 amazing Win7 themes. Continue reading “25 amazing Windows 7 themes” »

Ever wanted to have small taskbar icons from Windows 7 on your Windows XP or Windows Vista? Well, you have to wait no longer since there is an application responsible just for that. Continue reading “Windows 7 taskbar on Win XP” »