Temporary fix for Sociable plugin

10/09/2012 — 4 Comments

Any blogger that updated the Sociable plugin to version 4.3.3 got his site bugged. After updating, all content gets removed. While waiting for official author to fix the problem, there is one solution – downgrade.

Sociable is plugin shown at the bottom of each post at this plug. It really looks much better than all other free plugins available in the WordPress database.

But last version is bugged, you can’t really do anything with it. The solution is downgrading the plugin to version 4.3.2 (last version working good).

If you look at the changelog from 4.3.2. to 4.3.3 only one thing changed (or at least that’s what changelog says):

  • Forced update by WordPress.org Plugin Team – Remove admin advertising that now links to a malware site.

Guess since they were forced to update a plugin, they were in a hurry and left few bugs ins the codes. Don’t worry it’s easy to fix it, for now.


You can download the older version of Sociable from here: link


No need to setup anything, even if you just deleted the plugin and manually uploaded it, still your settings will be saved.

4 responses to Temporary fix for Sociable plugin

  1. Thank you so much!

  2. But… doesn’t that mean the link to the malware will be back? And doesn’t that mean that Google could punish these sites?

    • I guess the link to the admin site was in admin panel according to the text, which again I guess is not indexed by Google?

      One way or another all of us had .3.2 installed for very long time, so we would be punished by now.

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