Top 70 free and premium WordPress themes for 2013

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Making a good looking Website has never been easier. There are tons and tons of templates and themes out there waiting for you. If you don’t know how, install WordPress. Using WordPress is really easy and I truly recommend it. After you installed it you’ll need a theme, but look no more. I present you the top 70 free and premium WordPress themes for 2013.

Most of the free themes are from (actually all except one). Installing free themes from other websites is not recommended, most of them contain hidden links, spam your visitors etc. Read why! Still if you decide to do so, install Theme Authenticity checker plugin. I divided the themes into categories, every category featuring ten or five themes. Also next to demo I added “free” to those themes you don’t have to pay for. Enjoy!


WordPress has always been all about blogging. It started as blogging platform and still is a blogging platform. Yes you can use it for creating websites with lots of different purposes, but the core of WordPress is blogging. And in order to have a successful blog, it should look astonishing.


01. Blogster – Responsive Blog WordPress Theme (demo)

Blogster theme


02. Streak – Responsive WordPress Blog / Portfolio (demo)

Streak theme


03. Bloggap – Responsive Blog WordPress Theme (demo)

Bloggap theme


04. TrulyMinimal – Highly customizable minimalistic theme (demo, free)



05. Blogdrops – Infinite Blogging Theme (demo)

Blogdrops theme


06. Lolly – A Sweet little theme (demo)

Lolly theme


07. Simple Style – A modern, simplistic WordPress theme (demo, free)

Simple style theme


08. MobileFirst – WP Theme for Future-Proof Bloggers (demo)

MobileFirst theme


09. Retro-fitted – Where WordPress theme magic happens (demo, free)

Retro-fitted theme


10. Supreme – Retina Responsive Magazine/Blog WP Theme (demo)

Supreme theme


Magazine themes are great if you want to run news portal, online magazine or blog with multiple authors. Choosing the right theme is really important if you want to keep your readers.


11. NewsTrick – Super-duper flexible and responsive WordPress theme (demo)

NewsTrick theme


 12. AlYoum – Retina Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme (demo)

AIYoum theme


 13. Magzimize – Bold News & Magazine WordPress Theme (demo)

Magzimize theme


 14.Max Magazine – Super-awesome responsive WordPress theme (demo, free)

Max theme


15. StyleMag – Super clean Magazine template (demo)

StyleMag theme


16. Bulteno – Responsive News/Magazine Theme (demo)

Bulteno theme


17. Oxygen – professional magazine theme with responsive layout (demo, free)

Oxygen theme


18. MetroMAG – Clean and powerful metro inspired theme (demo)

MetroMAG theme


19. PressGrid – Frontend publishing & Multimedia Theme (demo)

PressGrid theme


20. Noteworthy – A magazine theme with heavy focus on featured images (demofree)

Noteworthy theme



If you want more than blog, search for Personal themes. With them you can not just make a blog, you can showcase your portfolio, link you social network profiles and much more.


21. Centre – A great blog WP theme with a metro design (demo)

Centre theme


22. Personal – WordPress Blogging Theme (demo)

Personal theme


23. Simplo – Responsive WordPress Blog / Personal theme (demo)

Simplo theme


24. Alkane – Free and creative WordPress theme (demo, free)

Alkane theme


25. Website – responsive WordPress theme (demo)

Website theme


26. Premium Pixels – Fancy pants personal theme (demo)

Premium Pixels theme


27. Infoist – Yet another nice and simple blog theme (demo, free)

Infoist theme


28. Fast blog – Easiest blogging ever (demo)

Fast blog theme


29. Retro Portfolio – One page vintage WordPress theme (demo)

Retro portofolio theme


30. Delicacy –  Personal WordPress theme created with food blogs in mind (demo, free)

Delicacy theme


Presenting your work online is sometimes a tricky process. Portfolio themes let you do just that, and a little more. They look great and work great. Also most of them offer pages for blogging, still keeping the focus on your portfolio.


31. Sokar – Responsive Fullscreen Portfolio WP Theme (demo)

Sokar - Responsive Fullscreen Portfolio WP Theme


32. Super Agency – Responsive WordPress Single Page (demo)

Super Agency - Responsive WordPress Single Page


33. Pinboard – Crafty and elegant theme (free)

Pinboard - Crafty and elegant theme


34. Kronos – One Page Responsive WordPress Theme (demo)

Kronos - One Page Responsive WordPress Theme


35. Dano – Multi-purpose & Responsive WordPress Theme (demo)

Dano - Multi-purpose & Responsive WordPress Theme


36. Creolio WP – Personal portfolio and microblog (demo)

Creolio WP - Personal portfolio and microblog


37. Polaroid – ideal for both personal blogs and showcasing your portfolio (free)

Polaroid theme


38. Panels: One-Page Responsive WP Theme (demo)



39. vCard – Simplistic WordPress portfolio theme (demo, free)

vCard theme


40. Chamfer – One Page Responsive Theme (demo)

Chamfer - One Page Responsive Theme


Photography themes are great for showcasing your beautiful photographs (please no duck faces). Choose the theme you and your fans like. Lots of themes support full screen home page, you might like those.


41. Verticality – One page photography theme (demo)

Verticality - Onepage Photography Theme


42. Source – Responsive Photography WordPress Theme (demo)

Source - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme


43. Photojax – Minimalist AJAX photography portfolio (demo)

Photojax theme


 44. Landscape – A simple, responsive WordPress theme (demo, free)

Landscape theme


45. Snapshot – A theme that’s all about your photos (demo, free)

Snapshot theme


46. SmartScreen – Fullscreen responsive WordPress theme (demo)

SmartScreen theme


47. Minimatica – A stylish and modern minimalist theme (demo, free)

Minimatica theme


48. Valerie – Photography WordPress Theme (demo)

Valerie theme


49. Photolistic – A Simple And Clean WordPress Theme (demo, free)

Photolistic theme


50. Kaleido – Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress (demo)

Kaleido theme



Business / Corporate

Running a start-up or a successful bushiness but still don’t have a website? Making one has never been easier. Install WordPress and choose one of the themes below.


51. Ultimate – Multi purpose responsive WP theme (demo)

Ultimate theme


52. Quare – A responsive WP Theme suited for business websites (demo)

Quare theme


53. Skybox – A responsive with two layout options (demo)

Skybox theme


54. Corporate – A corporate WordPress theme with 9 color schemes (demo, free)

Corporate theme


55.  Simplify – A CSS3 powered theme for business companies (demo, free)

Simplify theme




Themes that offer more than others. They look gorgeous and can do right what you need them to.


56. Noel – Slick and Stylish WordPress theme for creative people (demo)

Noel theme


57. Fact – A bold WordPress theme for creatives (demo)

Fact theme


58. Laguna – Muti-purpose responsive WordPress theme (demo)

Laguna theme



59. Smashing Theme – An extremely flexible and good looking theme (demo)

Smashing theme


60. Arch – Responsive architect WordPress theme (demo)

Arch theme


If you own a Restaurant, Travel agency or a Gym you can have a great looking website with awesome features really easy. All the themes provide you the thing you need, whether it is booking, pricing table or a time-table.


61. Midway – Responsive travel WP theme (demo)

Midway theme


62. FIT – Fitness/Gym responsive WordPress theme (demo)

Fit theme


63. HEAL – Responsive medical WordPress theme (demo)

Heal theme


64. The Beauty Salon (demo)

The Beauty Salon theme


65. Nice Hotel – A WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts and spas (demo)

Nice Hotel theme



BuddyPress is Social Networking, the WordPress way. Easily create a fully featured social network inside your WordPress powered site.


66. GrandMag – BuddyPress magazine/review theme (demo)

GrandMag theme


67. Buddy: Multi-purpose WordPress & BuddyPress theme (demo)

Buddy theme


68. Fanwood – An all-purpose, responsive theme with 12 optional layouts (demo, free)

Fanwood theme


69. Bounce – Professional WordPress & BuddyPress theme (demo)

Bounce theme


70. Frisco – A BuddyPress child theme for BuddyPress (demo, free)

Frisco theme

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