Windows 7 taskbar on Win XP

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Ever wanted to have small taskbar icons from Windows 7 on your Windows XP or Windows Vista? Well, you have to wait no longer since there is an application responsible just for that.

Well, for sure you could do something like this even before with registry editing, but doing this just became really easy. The Windows 7 has two different taskbar buttons styles, Text Labeling and Iconizing. The text labels are those used in Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista, the one we are all used to. The icon buttons are just small button with nothing else in it but application icon. For someone using multitasking really often, this is a must have.

After downloading the program, a simple panel is shown with just two functions. By clicking the left image named: “XP / Vista type with text labels” probably nothing will change if we are using XP / Vista. It is used just for reverting the changes made by this program or registry editing. The right button however, will change the taskbar look. As showed in the image, the buttons will become much smaller featuring just the icon, so it will be possible to have much more apps in it. After applying the change, all you will have to do is Log off from current user and then Log in again. After opening any application, you will be able to notice the new taskbar buttons.

Not to forget, this app is really small. In fact, it has only 322kb size.

Still if you want to change the buttons to Text labels, all you will have to do is click on the left image and repeat the logging process. This might be useful while using some custom themes, cause the iconized taskbar won’t look that good.

Thanks goes to Solo-Dev for creating this app. To download this application, visit this link. Also you can read full documentation if you want.

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